1. Power & Precision
    Power & Precision
  2. Connecting to an Audience
    Connecting to an Audience
  3. Focus & Determination
    Focus & Determination
  4. Lasting Friendships
    Lasting Friendships
  5. Community Awareness
    Community Awareness
  6. Proper Technique Training at All Ages
    Proper Technique Training at All Ages
  7. Grace Under Pressure
    Grace Under Pressure
  8. Confidence Beyond The Stage
    Confidence Beyond The Stage
  9. Opportunities at All Levels
    Opportunities at All Levels

J.udy P.eterson D.ance S.tudio 
...we are dancing at its best!

It all began in the basement of one woman with a love and passion for the art of dance. Over the next 35 plus years, Judy Peterson continued to inspire the youth of Central Wisconsin with a pep in her step and a song in her heart. Keeping the dream of dance alive, she passed the torch to an amazing staff of Judy Peterson alumni. The JPDS teaching staff consists of 4 generations taught by Judy Peterson herself. Her integrity along with her love and passion for dance resonates still as we  move closer to 50 years of serving the community with the finest dance education in the midwest.